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ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Big Fat Greek Wedding here we come! Our second son, Alexander, just got engaged on Valentine’s Day! We welcome Katerina Fronimakis to the Valentine family. They have been dating since High School and plan to marry sometime after Alexander's graduation from Law School in May of 2016. Katerina's parents own Fronimo’s Greek Cafe on Speedway. He picked an easy and romantic day to remember their engagement. My wife never ceases to remind me that my choice, April 15 (tax day) was not romantic at all. In my defense, tax day in my twenties was nowhere near as unpleasant a day as it became later in our marriage. Our eldest son, Christopher is handling all kinds of cases in the firm, particularly divorce, pre-nuptials, and other family law cases. Other lawyers constantly remind him of the undeniable irony in having an attorney named Valentine involved in a divorce case.  Of course he has extensive experience in Estate Planning having drafted more than 100 Wills and Trusts. Our third son, Marco is studying business and finance at Eller School at the University of Arizona. He is also working at a national brokerage firm. Recently, a banker asked him if he was one of the Valentine boys and asked his name. Marco said he was “Number Three.” The banker said, “I asked your name, not your rank.” And then there is Niko!! He is 8 and is a joy for the entire family. We are trying to talk him out of going to college because we are tired of tuition bills! (sort of kidding) He has forced us to dig out the old roller blades, sleds, bicycles, scooters AND HELMETS. We hope to survive “Number Four”.


There is a sardonic strain of lawyer jokes based upon the idea that there are no lawyers in heaven. No other profession faces such a level of ridicule. The Valentine family, including three generations of lawyers, have become so accustomed to lawyer jokes that we share them at holiday dinners. Regardless of the bravado, the Valentine family all hope and pray that such a bar on entry to Heaven does not exist. We all agree that such a restriction, based only on occupation, would likely be unconstitutional. ( see Meyer v. Nebraska, 262 U.S. 390 (1923). Therefore, the Valentine lawyers have prepared and memorized a legal brief on the issue just in case oral argument at the pearly gates is necessary! 



Why was the lawyer skimming the Bible?   He was looking for a loophole!

Seriously, a client recently asked me (Mark Valentine) " What happens to my file when you die or retire"  First of all, although I have a LOT of grey hair I am in my mid-fifties and I don't plan on retiring anytime soon.  My dad is 92 and practiced law well into his eighties.  Secondly, Valentine & Valentine has extensive succession planning and you can be assured that you and your family will be well cared for.  



We extend our congratulations to attorney Steven M. Banzhaf and his wife, Lori. They recently served as hosts and co-chairs of the Heart of Gold- Heart and Stroke Ball at La Paloma Resort. The event was a huge success. Attorney Catherine Keenan and her team continue to effectively handle, guardianships, conservatorships and real estate law. Our Trust and Estate Administration Division are always developing new ways to handle estates in a cost effective manner. Our client referrals have made it possible to grow our firm and expand our range of services.  We thank you for your confidence and support.



There have been dramatic changes in Estate, Tax and Business law recently. Your circumstances or goals may have changed in your life plan. We have posted important information regarding digital data and password protection and pet trusts on our website.  Please call us to update your estate or business plan or to learn about new strategies available to protect you and your family. 


Estate Planning for Digital Assets


In today’s age, an important part of a cohesive and complete estate plan includes consideration of your digital assets. This includes preparing a complete list of your online accounts, passwords and other digital property. This list should be kept up to date. This will help future fiduciaries and family members find your valuable and significant online passwords, accounts and digital property. This will keep administration costs down, provide for a smooth administration, and ensure no digital property is unexamined or overlooked.  


However, we do not advise that you keep this list in your Red Estate Planning Portfolio, for security reasons. This list of passwords and accounts contains confidential information and it is imperative that it is kept secured and in a private location. 

Furthermore, it’s important to remember that the power of your fiduciaries and family members to marshal and take control of digital accounts and assets are subject to the Terms and Conditions of those assets.


Estate Planning for Pets

Another new and complex area of Estate Planning is pets. The law defines pets as property, however to their owners, pets often mean more than the oven or the blender—they are best friends, companions, and even family. When a person begins the estate planning process and classifies property and beneficiaries, the pets must be addressed as well.

It is understandable that pet owners are concerned about providing care for their pets. Sadly, a considerable number of plans for domestic pets fail. Only legally enforceable documents can guarantee a pet’s secure future. Legally enforceable documents that can guarantee a pet’s secure future include:


-Pet Trusts

-Pet Care Agreement 

Pets are important to many people’s lives and should therefore be just as important in their estate plans. 



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